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Type of Service

Writing - Implies completion of a unique and plagiarism free paper.

Editing - This service includes correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistic, and formatting mistakes. Mind that you will have to upload the file to be edited and proofread.

PowerPoint - Implies completion of a unique and plagiarism free paper. its not 275 words for each slides! it might be from 50 - 200 words.

Writer Level

College - If you are a High School, ESL or college student, select this academic level.

Bachelor - This is a perfect match. If you are obtaining a Bachelor's degree.

Master - To get a Master's or Ph. D. level work, choose this option.

Type of Paper

Type of Paper - Please select the most suitable type of paper needed. This will help the writer follow your exact instructions. If the type of paper you need is not on the list, please choose the option "Others".

Other Type of Paper

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Subject - If your subject is not on the list, please place a free inquiry first and specify your subject in the field provided, after you select the option Other. This is needed to make sure that we have specialist to help you with your paper.

Other Subject

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Deadline - It takes approximately 1 hour to complete 1 double spaced page, We suggest changing the deadline to a longer one.




















Number of pages - Title and bibliography pages are included into the order for free.

Double spaced - 280 words per page

Single spaced - 560 words per page

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Topic - If you have a topic, please make it clear and concise. Otherwise, leave "Writer's choice ".

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Details - Type here as many details as possible. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the writer to complete your assignment correctly.

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You can upload additional instructions, readings, list of sources to be used or any other information that might be useful for the writer to complete your order appropriately.

Format / Style Format / Style

Other Format / Style

Discipline Discipline

Preferred Writer Preferred Writer

Other Old Writer

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Format - Choose the style for your paper to be formatted in. General format : 280 words per page, legible font (e.g. Arial) 12pt, double-spaced, please select Other if you don't know.

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Discipline - Select English (U.S.) if you want English native language writer, and select "Not a native speaker" if you don't want a native speaker writer.
Preferred Writer - Choose this option if you would like one of our best experts to work on your order, +25%

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Turnitin Plagiarism Report ($7.99)

Abstract Page ($2.99)

Send it to my E-Mail ($1.99)

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Turnitin Plagiarism Report - Plagiarism report shows you that your paper is completely original and nothing was copied online. Turnitin report is the best plagiarism detection software on the web. 'Note: It will not be saved in Turnitin website.
Abstract Page - The abstract is a succinct, single summary of your paper's purpose, main points, method, findings and conclusions, and is often recommended to be written after the rest of your paper has been completed.
Send it to my E-Mail - By clicking this option, we will send the completed paper to your e-mail and we will also put it under your account for you to download it personally.
Sources - Indicate the number of sources on which you need to base your paper. Leave it blank if you're not sure.
Charts - Charts will help you to convey your ideas in your paper better. $10 for 1 chart.
PowerPoint slide - If you need the power point Presentation, specify the number of the slides you want. 1 slide = 50% of the cost per page.
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